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Kickstarting a Troop/Varsity/Venturing Program

A few people asked, now that I have this training where do I start? We recommend you do the following (not necessarily in this order)

  1. Teach Leadership. Teach the Introduction to Leadership Skills course to the youth: Troop Version, Crew Version
  2. Interest Surveys. Have the youth take an Interest Survey - see below for examples
  3. Use Ward Resources. Based on youth surveys, ask adults in the ward to fill out a Program Capability Inventory - see below
  4. Have a Committee. Have bishopric make calls (or assignments) to parents to serve on committee - should be in addition to other callings
  5. Youth Planning. Have an "Annual" Planning Meeting - map out themes for mutual and camping/outdoor activities - try to plan 9 months or to end of school year
  6. Accountability. Hold youth accountable for their activities - txt constant reminders
  7. Backup. Have back up plan of something that is good for them but that they may not like as much - give them incentive to do what they planned

Resoures for implementing the above list

There are many example interest surveys available on the internet if you search for them - here are the ones I created for use with our ward

  • Youth Interest Survey example - Boy Scouts (MS Word)
  • Youth Interest Survey example - Venturers/Varsity (MS Word)
  • Survey for Ward Adults aka Program Capability Inventory example (MS Word)

Online Resources for Program Planning

Program Features (BSA published book) is a valuable resource for helping youth plan their own activities Old versions of Program Features available online: for free:

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